10 Reasons Why Forms App for Android is Beneficial to Your Business

10 Reasons Why Forms App for Android is Beneficial to Your Business

Published on: 18-12-2013 | by Misty in Forms App for Android, paperless, enterprise mobility, Android Forms App

With today's global standards of data keeping, in any company, even the tiniest bit of information relevant to the company must be processed and stored, should it be required in the future. This is especially true for global companies or companies that are distributed or affiliated all over the world. In all this record keeping, there are billions of forms and papers used up per annum to act as an intermediate between the observers and the storage. These by themselves take quite a bit out of any company's funds, not to mention the environmental concerns.

Until recently, only a computer could be used to input information accurately and many have done so with a moderate amount of success. However, they are not very mobile or portable, and certainly, not as handy as a normal spread out form. With the recent developments in mobile Smartphone technology, there is now an alternative. Forms App for Android provides the same versatility as a paper form and with the same security of a computer.

Here are 10 reasons why Forms App for Android is beneficial for your business:

  1. It is a completely paperless solution and can save any company a huge chunk of money.
  2. It can drastically increase the performance of any mobile workforce. No more mucking around with pen and paper.
  3. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows 8 phones.
  4. Dedicated forms and reports are instantly accessible.
  5. Does not require a full time Internet connection. Data is loaded onto the phone itself until it can be transferred to the ‘cloud.’
  6. Can be used in remote places where delivering forms is just not justifiable.
  7. Dedicated E-resources library stores only the latest version of all the forms, and it is made available across the mobile workforce. No more redundancies in data.
  8. Able to provide industry based solutions directly aimed to increasing productivity and simplifying processes.
  9. Any mobile workforce around the world can open, edit, update, and submit your mobile forms instantly using any Android device.
  10. Integrates perfectly with any overseas system.

Efficiency of Smartphone Utilization

Forms App for Android does all these functions by making a large variety of forms available to the user, or at least one of which may be applicable to most needs of the company. There is an option to design forms for those companies requiring specialized sheets. The users can then fill the information in the Android Forms App and have it uploaded to a secure ‘cloud’ database. Not only does this protect against computer crashes, the ‘cloud’ can also be accessed globally, perfect for large companies requiring enterprise mobility.

With conditional logic, Forms App for Android is able to create any type of customized form to suit any kind of need. Compliancy is assured with all team members being on the same page, no matter where they are. Of course, all forms and data passed through the app are completely secured.

In essence, this Forms App for Android, available in the Google Play Store, is a perfect solution for the paper age, essentially making the documentation process paperless.'

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