Android Apps for Vehicles: Compliant and Professional Reporting

Android Apps for Vehicles: Compliant and Professional Reporting

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If you want to make your reports perfectly compliant and more professional, make sure you check out Android Apps for Vehicles – the Vehicle Check software that helps you and your organization deliver a complete checklist onsite. It generates the right, instant and perfectly compliant reports for various situations, with features of real time tracking, fully integrated GPS positioning, camera integration and voice recording.

Report Customization

Your company can use the provided standard paperless reports or you can customize them. Furthermore, the developers can simply build them for you. Just provide them a copy and they will develop the report for you for a fee.

Generate customized, scheduled and real-time reports, then send them automatically to the right recipients. The Instant Report tool of the Android App for Vehicle Maintenance enables you to build instant CSV reports from any single data being collected, easy and fast. When created, you can store your report as a template, for the next use. With incredible integration, complete APIs and export functions, the app can work with existing systems, actively integrating itself into over 200 global Cloud-based solutions. You can either direct the outputs to standard formats or let them work with your existing systems.

Photo Management, Job Dispatcher and Documents Control

For business owners and managers, watch the dashboard photo stream from the field. Photo management includes photo tagging, ready for viewing by just clicking the linked form. It is a perfect tool for before and after photo competitor analysis. The job dispatcher is perfect for the mobile workforce to carry the job while the management watches in real time. Data are safely stored in the Cloud servers of the app, making them available anytime for those who have access rights. The Vehicle Check App makes other web-based solutions obsolete. Digital forms work well, even without Internet connection. The integration of drawing and camera features also saves everyone a lot of time.

With Android Apps for Vehicles, top executives have the dashboard that helps monitor field activities and statistics with the informative Management Portal that has everything there, such as workflows.

The Resources e-Library contains the latest versions of company policies, brochures, safe work methods and more. The Vehicle Check is beneficial to vehicle enterprises who want to improve their efficiency and increase the professionalism of their reports. smart forms that collect data from section to section complement your firm’s mobility management needs to increase the productivity of your personnel in the field.

Harness the power of the Cloud, the capability of the apps as well as the mobility of computer tablets and smartphones with the vehicle check app, which helps improve your workflow to over 80 industries all over the world. Take our tour today!

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