Effective Job Management with Multiple Choice App Android

Effective Job Management with Multiple Choice App Android

Published on: 27-10-2015 | by Misty in multiple choice app Android, app for multiple choice questions, multiple choice app, app for multiple choice tests, mobile forms, mobile workforce, smart forms, electronic forms

The amazing software multiple choice app Android will make you love your Android device more. You can manage your business with that device, anywhere and anytime; and take control of what your employees are doing. That is monitoring everything in real time; and eliminating redundancy on repetitive jobs.

The app for multiple choice questions makes use of paperless forms which makes everything you do eco-friendly. It saves you more resources such as paper, ink, folders and filing cabinets. There is also the pre-fill feature on the mobile forms, which takes place before management dispatches the job to the field so the staff need not duplicate information. That will save lots of time and energy.

You can check how your mobile workforce is doing in the field; thanks to the real time and GPS tracking features of multiple choice app. That is possible even if you are traveling and are far away from your office or headquarters. The Management Portal is web-based so you can use it from anywhere in the world.

Using the Management Portal

The custom-built Management Portal of the multiple choice app Android is a useful tool to ensure everything is smooth and under control in your organization. This portal provides the mobility needs of your enterprise. You have unique login details like username and password to access Cloud-based data and likewise assign login details and define access rights to your employees so they can have access to company data but not leaving you worried about anyone stealing vital information.

You can use your Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices to always be in the loop while your mobile workforce can likewise use the same to access the smart forms that navigate from section to section. The electronic forms collect company and customer data, anywhere and anytime while you and the other team members watch them.

Maximizing the Resources e-Library

Another amazing feature of multiple choice app is the Resources e-Library. With such, you are guaranteed to be updated of the company’s important documents and other reference materials even when traveling. See your uploaded resources automatically synchronizing with what the field agents have. The job is always just there right in your hand.

The app for multiple choice tests works perfectly with all types of business people. Whether you work alone for yourself or have several people working for you, you will be benefited by the app’s capability to manage paperwork from your smartphone or tablet. It processes all the important forms you need such as work orders, quotations, purchase orders, invoices, risk assessments, safe method statements, insurance certificates, licenses, material data sheets and many more.

As long as you need forms to accept pertinent data, processes that are compliant and reports which look more informative and professional, check on the app and you will be amazed of its great functionalities. Explore more of the multiple choice app Android. Take the tour today!

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