Going Paperless Can Make Your Construction Company More Productive

Going Paperless Can Make Your Construction Company More Productive

Published on: 17-06-2015 | by Misty in paperless, mobile forms, mobile workforce, paperless forms, digital forms

Business owners today can stand to gain more for their business, thanks to technological advancements that allow them to increase productivity by improving existing systems and workflows. The construction industry, in particular, suffers from delays in areas such as business permits, communication, and deliveries, which can result in significant losses in the long run.

Business Permit Delays

Construction companies have to deal with so many bottlenecks day in and day out, many of which are form and workflow related. When added up, these delays can be quite costly.

Every day counts. That’s why business form and report delays can be quite expensive, especially when it results in the project getting derailed. Other problems can ensue and your construction company is left trying to cope with these hurdles. Since this is beyond your control, the best you can do is to prepare stringent measures that you can implement.

Go Paperless & Be More Productive

Going paperless can make a big difference for you and your construction company. Using mobile forms can cut your communication time significantly and give your mobile workforce more time to spend in the field making sure that every area of your business is covered. Going mobile can make the difference between meeting deadlines and being tardy, which may in turn result in losses. Being timely means you gain more time and manpower, as well as save costs in the long run.

Using paperless forms can reduce waiting times too. This will give your employees, contractors and supervisors more time to make sure that every requirement is met, including your standard business permits. You will also save precious time that you can spend elsewhere to get better results and increase overall productivity.

The Management Portal that comes with our paperless solution provides wonderful ways for you to save time, money, and resources. The Management Portal provides ‘Resources’ – which are files of any type from your company that you would like to be made available to your team in the field. This enables you to upload documents into your management portal that employees can view in PDF, spreadsheets and other digital forms using an Apple, Android device or Windows8 phone. Your mobile workforce will have access to all uploaded documents. When there’s an update on the management policy, the latest version can be uploaded and will sync on their mobile devices so that they can gain access just by using a mobile device.

These Management Portal features offer more opportunities for increased productivity for your construction company. Your entire organization will experience these amazing benefits as you simply watch the jobs roll in and sit back as your ROI shoots up. Explore our paperless app’s features that you’re sure to love. Take the tour today!

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