Multiple Choice App iPhone – Powerful Integration at Work

Multiple Choice App iPhone – Powerful Integration at Work

Published on: 22-12-2015 | by Misty in multiple choice app iPhone, multiple choice app, mobile forms, paperless, mobile workforce, digital forms, paperless, smart forms

Take advantage of the mobility power of your Apple smartphone with the multiple choice app iPhone. It’s a powerful software whose purpose is to bring solutions to your company and improve business operations, to help you achieve more efficiency and productivity. The app, which also runs with iPad and Android devices, has integrated features created to guarantee ease of use and the use of mobile forms, which can be customised to meet your individual needs.

When you already have existing systems in your organization, multiple choice app iPhone complements them. The multiple choice app pioneers the world’s zero-paper and mobile solution teaming up with other applications in a powerful two-way integration. It perfectly fits any business, small or big; and those with mobile businesses will likely be more grateful. It shapes the future of field-based workflow and reporting by making paperwork paperless and everything else more efficient and productive.

A Powerful Workflow

When someone in your organization creates a job, the job will then go to your mobile workforce with details like schedule and the right routing to the job location. On site, field personnel completes the job as they can now work with digital forms, which integrates GPS tracking, date or time stamping, collection of signatures of the people involved, before and after photos and other information.

Management has the tool to check on the job status from time to time. Once completed, the field agent in charge submits the completely filled up form and the supervisor will know it through a notification that is triggered by the form status, such as “Submit.” The multiple choice app iPhone incorporates risk assessment as well as quality and compliance check so the supervisor can evaluate the job, input his information and submit the form. Top executives can see what is going on with the job by just checking the form status and filled in data from the Management Portal.

Enhancements Brought by the App

The multiple choice app iPhone brings in paperless documents into the system. These smart forms that navigate from section to section ensure zero redundancies, required fields completely filled up and accuracy and completeness of data. Data gathered is securely stored in the app’s Cloud-based servers so it is available to anyone with access rights. The multiple choice app makes sure everyone minimizes mistakes and no one can hide. The digital forms cannot be submitted if a required field is left blank.

Thus, if you are keen on getting a software for your small or big business, either you work alone or have people working for you, and with or without existing systems in the organization, having the app will be great for you and your business. Make it work to your benefit. Discover more of the multiple choice app iPhone. Take the tour today!

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