Streamline Inventory Process with Toolbox App for Android

Streamline Inventory Process with Toolbox App for Android

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Keeping a well-stocked supply room has always been a nightmare for any type of business. Sometimes, supplies run out and the seller doesn’t even know it until it’s too late. That is because of the delays inherent when you are using a paper-based reporting system for your business’ inventory. With Toolbox App for Android in your business, however, inventory-keeping will become a task that is so easy to do that your people will become more comfortable with the process.

Why Traditional Inventory-Keeping is Difficult

The difficulties that you have encountered in the most previous incarnation of your inventory system are due to the fact that it is not done in real time. When there is a purchase order, your inventory team will pull out the items from your warehouse or storage area and make a note on the paper clipboard. Before the day ends, they would collate their information and verify it by literally counting off the items in the racks and coming up with an inventory report.

It works, but is not without problems. Its biggest weakness is that you only get notification that there is no more supply for a particular item at the end of the day. You can make a purchase order, but this order will only be processed in the next day. You have a few hours of not having those items in your inventory and, depending on what your business is, there will be problems that will arise. With the paperless system of the Toolbox Meeting App, you can say goodbye to these headaches.

What Features Can We Make Use of From the App?

The app’s capabilities towards making life easy for businessmen and entrepreneurs include:

  1. Enterprise mobility
    Perhaps the best thing that the app can bring into your business is the mobility that your mobile workforce can enjoy. The Toolbox App for iPadmakes use of electronic forms that they can use via their mobile devices. These devices are so popular nowadays that anyone has them, and you don’t even have to make the additional investment. This mobility that they enjoy will allow them to be more flexible and, by extension, more productive.

  2. Secure information storage
    The app has a Resources E-Library feature, which functions as a place to store information that pertains to your business and clients in a secure manner. The Library also allows remote access to the documents, without requiring people to produce hard copies of the data. You can store client intake forms, Toolbox Meeting Minutes, purchase orders, sales invoices, and many others.

  3. Real-time and transparent reporting
    This feature alone is already reason enough to invest in this app. Now, inventory reports can arrive in real time so you can find out right away at the moment that your shelves and racks run out of a specific item so you can immediately make purchase orders to your supplies. You can avoid the inconvenience of not generating any revenues because your supplies have not yet been replenished.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you rushed right away to subscribe to the features of Toolbox App for Android. Take our tour today!

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