Why Paperless Forms App for iPad is a Worthwhile Investment

Why Paperless Forms App for iPad is a Worthwhile Investment

Published on: 25-12-2013 | by Misty in Forms App for iPad, Forms App, digital forms, paperless forms, mobile workforce, enterprise mobility, Forms App Store, paperless

Today, businesses have specialized needs and even more specific ways to go about certain procedures. With many companies having multiple branches or a wide consumer base, there is the need for a standard among them, so certain procedures, and simply every action that is completed has to be recorded. The process of filling out forms is a good example of those much-needed procedures, without which a company would do hard to succeed. Therein lies a problem that had no possible hope of a solution until recently. While forms can successfully be transcribed into databases on a computer, there used to be no direct link between the database and the raw information. This problem was the basis for development of the Forms App for iPad.

Without a physical mediator, it was impossible to store information about transactions or logs. Forms, while efficient enough, suffered from the same shortcomings that most physical media suffered from – they were prone to damage by the elements, redundancies, and a tremendous waste of storage space and paper. The revolutionary piece of software, the Forms App for iPad, is a completely electronic alternative able to improve the efficiency of any business and its flow of information.

How Forms App Works

The Forms App provides digital forms that can be accessed on any mobile device. These paperless forms, provided by the company to suit their requirements, can be easily used due to the mobility and security of mobile devices. Simply enter the data into the form through the device. Once completed, it uploads itself to a central crash-proof ‘cloud’ database, from which the information can be accessed at any possible time. These paperless forms that cost less than a postage stamp mean big savings over paper forms. The Forms App also has a portal that will let business owners monitor the whole of their mobile workforce at any given time. An internet connection is not necessary, which makes it perfect for remote areas where delivering paper forms would be a trying option.

Types of Forms

While customized forms are available to suit any business as is the option to design one's own forms, the Forms App comes loaded with different built-in paperless forms, which can be modified within their type. They are powerful enough to complement any service, and they include:
• Record of Tool Box Meeting
• Time Sheets
• Site Assessment, Safety & Follow Up
• Log Books
• Safety Incident Notification
• Application Forms
• Return to Work Plans
• Safety Communications
• Job Order Forms
• Meeting Minutes
• Client Risk Evaluation

Basically, the Forms App delivers a logistic solution to all the integrated problems faced by expanding businesses. It is the app solution to many of these management and data problems leading for completely enhanced enterprise mobility.

Available on the Forms App Store for Android and also for iPhones and iPad and Windows phones, you can easily download the Forms App onto any Smartphone device. All set to make paperwork obsolete or ' paperless', this app can provide industry-based solutions to enhance business productivity.

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